Strongest K-pop Survival Ep 11 recap

As Ji Woo and Jae Ah walked out of the restaurant, they happen to see Seung Yeon being hugged by Woo Hyun, before Jae Ah pulled him away, not to disturb them. It turned out that they’re not the only ones, for Team Leader Han too saw them both, and started to piece out the various instances Woo Hyun showed concern and pretty much suspected Woo Hyun’s feelings for Seung Yeon.


At the dorm, Jae Ah and Seung Yeon was lifting Ji Woo onto his bed; apparently he got inself drunk after seeing Seung Yeon and Woo Hyun.  Seung Yeon then recalls Woo Hyun’s words: accepting and thanking her for not running away. However, seung Yeon thought that Woo Hyun only liked her as a hoobae.

The next morning, Seung Yeon woke the whole house as she’s set on cleaning the dorm as promised. Tae Kwon walked out, unhappy about having been woken up and through his slur he finally managed to make out that Seung Yeon had washed all their clothes already…including their underwear. Embarrassed and flustered, he immediately hide his pants, especially hearing she cleaned them with her bare hands, telling her never to touch his underwear ever again. Jae Ah too, asked rather amused, whether she’s really a girl, as the members got up one by one, with exception of Ji Woo.


In the office, Seung Yeon clash into President Jang, before forgetting and called him ‘uncle’ instead. After sending her off with a nag, he happened to meet the secretary, who informed him that Team Leader Han wasn’t in the office.

At the salon, Woo Hyun was getting his make-up done as the stylists compliments Junior’s performance at the concert, and asked about him being in M2 when Team Leader Han steps in. With coffee in hand, she uses ‘breakfast’ as an excuse and asks Woo Hyun’s true reason for his concern and care for M2 Junior. Woo Hyun goes on to state, truthfully, that he is a singer after all, and didn’t want to lead a group that uses the fans anymore (having to hide under the facade of an idol and provideing fanservice etc) and has no stage ettiquette. Team Leader Han then goes on to say that while it is true, Junior can’t take on the stage as of yet and asks him to take care of M2 as of yet. 


At the office, Tae Kwon and Dong Woo exited the building, thinking that the group of fans are there for Woo Hyun only to get mobbed by them in an instant; it turns out that they are their new fans, as they start stuffing them with gifts and compliments. Flustered, they return to the dorm with hands filled, informing the rest the good news. Thinking it’s a lie, they dismissed it at first, but when Tae Kwon asks them to go and confirm themselves, the members rushed out in a frenzy.


In the waiting room, the graduating members came in and starts telling Woo Hyun off, saying that he’s living well on his own without the rest, calling him a betrayer. Woo Hyun told them to talk another time, for its time for rehearsals. Not willing to be pushed aside again, the member grab hold of Woo Hyun, asking him if he’s going to take the side of those punks (Junior) over his members. On the way to the waiting room, Hyuk Dol saw Ukiss members, and all of them walked in at the wrong moment: Woo Hyun, having enough of members engaged them in a first by punching them first. However, damage is done as many of the staff saw the incident through the open door, including President Lee and his sidekick.


Junior were having their rap lessons at the office. After telling them to have the groove and beat and all those neccessary feelings, Junior left the office, when Tae Kwon proudly showed off what he has learn by asking Ki Bum to ‘bring the beat, man!’. As Dong Woo and Tae Kwon squabble over the fans, Seung Yeon pulls Ji Woo aside, asking him what’s wrong only to get dismissed.


In the President’s office, President Jang received news that Woo Hyun and Jun Hyung has gotten into a fight from Team Leader Han. The news is spreading fast through SNS. Junior too got the info from the net as Tae Kwon starts telling them about Woo Hyun’s nickname: ‘dog-baby’. Seung Yeon got a little upset at that, and told them to be nice, for Woo Hyun helped them have a successful showcase.


The next day, Junior walked passed the lobby to hear that 3 members (graduating members) have joined President Lee’s office, stating that they wish to leave M2, and insinuated that Woo Hyun’s violence as one of the reasons for their departure. As the reporter asked about being labelled as a ‘betrayer’ for departing, Jun Hyung protested by saying that the only betrayer is none other than Woo Hyun, before his squabbles was stopped by President Lee, and asked Jun Hyung to remove his glasses, revealing a black eye [wait a min, I swore woo Hyun hit him on his jaw. :O]


In Team Leader Han’s office, Ukiss members were discussing the same event, who said that they were there, but that doesn’t sound like what really happened [refering to the black eye. HA. I bet it’s drawn on]. Team Leader Han then dismissed them, leaving them to do their music video discussions with the director himself for she needs to handle this as soon as possible. As she called President Jang about it, he missed the call because he was busy fixing Hae Young’s ceiling. Finally getting through, Team Leader Han immediately informed him that Sung Min, Jun Hyung and Jo Won was taken by President Lee.


After that, Woo Hyun spent his day in the studio, ignoring everyone else as he refuse to face the situation. At the same time, Junior starts talking about the transfer being a total shock when they met In Young. And then, In Young asks them about a rap feature, where Tae Kwon states that if she wants a guy, Seung Yeon wouldn’t make the cut. In face with the sudden blurt, he savages teh situation by stating Ki Bum would fit the bill better with his deeper voice.


In the office, Team Leader Han starts setting out a plan to control the situation as In Young strode in. Ready to dismiss her, In Young promptly ignores Team Leader Han as she requests for Woo Hyun to be featured in the MV along with Junior members. I think Team Leader Han asks her if she really liked Woo Hyun, and In Young gave an ambigious answer, [but her fondness suggested that it’s a ‘yes’] and left. As she left, Team Leader Han starts wondering where the hell President disappear…


Apparently, he turned up at President Lee’s office about the transfer. Ignoring President Lee’s sacarcism, he asks him to take good care of the kids, and not to throw them away whenever he feels like it. While infuriated, President Lee continues to throw his threats (with his sidekick butting ever while and then about the problems), but President Jang pays no heed to it as he left.


At the riverbank, he parked and got out, recalling his days as a singer when his scandal with Hae Young broke out. Apparently, it was President Lee who told President Jang to lie about the scandal [opps, sorry, I couldn’t remember the face till now! OMG!], which ultimately cause Hae Young to faint and be hospitalised with the impending pressure put onto her by the media, and Hyun Suk to drop out of the entertainment industry as a singer. Then, he was crowded by numerous reporters about the incident, which caused him to be traumatized in front of the press (recall ep 1/2? It was his first press appearance since then.) He returns to the flower shop and hugged Hae Young, saying that he’s sorry about what had happened back then. However, Team Leader Han saw everything as she was preparing to find him at Hae Young’s flower shop. Hurt, she left immediately.


In the training room, Seung Yeon was practicing with Ji Woo, albeit a little half-heartedly, presummably because of the the recent incidents with Woo Hyun. Seeing that, Ji Woo asked Seung Yeon that if she’s really worried, she should just go to find him about it. Seeing Ji Woo’s expression, she said that she’s just worried as a hoobae, for it’s valid for a hoobae to worry for her senior. Handing her his wallet, she said its fine for she’s got change. As she ran off, Ji Woo states to himself, that he’s glad that Seung Yeon has finally found someone to like, throwing the wallet onto the couch.


On her way out, she saw Jae Ah who then offered her a ride. On the way, they spotted Woo Hyun’s car, and Seung Yeon immediately called him and got Woo Hyun to pull over as she get into his car without invitation, stating that she’s relieving her promise of being his no.1 friend: to be there for him when he needs it. Besides, Seung Yeon continues that she could not get out right then because they’re on a deserted road, and proceeds to place a cross over her body as if re-enforcing the fact that she’s a girl. Speechless, Woo Hyun let her be as he started his car.


In the practice room, Chang Min walked in on Ji Woo’s practice as he was there to his practice, and then the duo decided to go back to the dorms, but Ji Woo had conviniently forgotten the wallet in the room.


Meanwhile, Seung Yeon took over the driver’s seat as she drove him to a path, leaving him to go (alone) for a stroll, stating that it’s her gift for him. As Woo Hyun walked, he looked back and manage to catch the beautiful view of Seoul’s street lights, and recalled the past few days’ events, asking himself about his actions. As he walked back, he saw Seung Yeon dancing in the car, blasting hip hop music as he furrowed his brows. After kicking her to the passenger seat, he drove them off. Like how Seung Yeon kicked him out, he got Seung Yeon to carry all the things with her and ask her not to ask questions but to just follow him.


He then brought her to a dance studio, where one of the ex-M2-to-be trainee is helping out with. As Seung Yeon eats with the team, Woo Hyun and the guy talked, with him saying that he had expected something like that to happen to Woo Hyun with his temper, and asks if he’s in love, and if it’s Seung Yeon. Woo Hyun then asks him if he’s ever regret it. He replies that he is happy now. If he did make it to M2, he’d be as famous as Woo Hyun, he joked, but that’s probably not a life he wanted. 


After they exit the building, with Woo Hyun a little mad at Seung Yeon stating about his friend being able to stand Woo Hyun’s temper, they found that it was raining. Seung Yeon then states that she would go and an umbrella and asked him to wait, but Woo Hyun refused. Instead, he took off his jacket and shielded the both of them to the car [CUE cute music]. Embarrassed, he states that the two of them shall run at the count of 3, or he’d leave her behind, the both of the squabbling all the way to the car (and even in the car, XD). 


In the pub, Team Leader Han was treating Reporter Park in regards to Woo Hyun’s violent assault, asking him to take care of them. He agreed, on the condition that he gets to interview Woo Hyun (?), which Team Leader Han readily agreed.

Back in Woo Hyun’s house, he called Seung Yeon out to have some hot cocoa after she’s done changing. Seeing her in his oversized shirt, Woo Hyun let out a smile of…glee. Seeing his smile, Seung Yeon asked if that’s funny, and asks if she looks like a scarecrow/pumpkin (?). Flustered, he states that it’s because…she isn’t wearing the chest band, and then hurries to tell her to drink before she gets a cold. Embarrassed, Seung Yeon did as she told, all the whole pulling at the shirt.

In the company, In Young entered the dance studio. While she states that she felt a little stiff, she found the wallet on the counch. Wanting to find who’s the owner, she pulled out the picture from Ji Woo and Seung Yeon’s trip the other day, and noticed that the girl in the picture is Seung Yeon. Wondering if Woo Hyun knows, In Young immediately sets for Woo Hyun’s house.


Woo Hyun starts telling Seung Yeon about his problems, and upon request to answer as his friend, Seung Yeon states that since it’s a lie, he shouldn’t be worried about it (not very sure about this part). She then asks if he wants to play a ‘game’, and brought two pots out to the front, along with slips of paper and a pen. One would throw paper with things that he want completely out of his life into one pot (the one with a skull), and things that he would retain (the one with the recycle sign). Suspicious at how this works, Seung Yeon told him to just try it out, and the two set out to write. Seeing Woo Hyun threw ‘M2 Junior’ into the skull pot even after she warned him that he couldn’t take it out ever again, she takes revenge by attempting to write Woo Hyun’s name (with a big fat heart) and throwing it into the same pot. However, Woo Hyun was curious at what she wrote, and finding out after snatching it from her, dump it into the recycle bin for her, restating his ‘confession’. As they got into another squabble, Woo Hyun stamped it out with a kiss.


As In Young arrived, Seung Yeon was getting ready to go home. Woo Hyun then offers that he’s driving her back. A little shy, she states that she can go back alone. While he states that what kind of girl could be out at that time, she states that, ‘well, who’s girl am I now’. Then in his mean way, he asks Seung Yeon to give him her hand, and proceeds to drag her out. In Young watched in anger as the two strolled out hand in hand with smiles. Hiding behind the wall [I liked how Seung Yeon hid behind the wall back then when she saw In Young going up to the house when Woo Hyun’s hand was hurt, and now it’s the opposite.  As they drove off, In Young got reminded of the times that Woo Hyun’s gentleness was reserved for her

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