To the Beautiful You OST

J-Min -일어나 (Stand Up)


Stand Up- J-Min- (English Cover)



So whats your story kid? 

Can you tell me what you're made up 

You're still that frightened child 

Hiding underneath the sky 

But let's but you to the test

See what you lay on the line 

I'm counting on you 

Don't let your chances slip by 


Cuz if you want to rise above 

And prove you're more than what you once were 

When all the odds are stacked against you 

Doing what they can to just defeat you 

Stand up for your convictions 

and Don't you dare let go 


Do you believe luck? 

iS our destiny a consequence? 

just Something we create?

Our obligation lies 

to clean the mess that we made 

Embrace the chaos as the stars and planets collide 



Here's my honest advice 

Don't you ever compromise your dreams

The storm is coming 

So chose not to be afraid




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